Thursday, May 3, 2012

Constitution Day in Poland and USA

Constitution Days are celebrated in numerous countries all over the world as a sign of appreciation for the "funding document” of their political system.
The US Constitution Day is observed on a fixed date - on September, the 17th, unlike most American holidays, which are set on a specific weekday, instead.

The Constitution Day in Poland is celebrated traditionally always on a the same fixed date – the 3rd of May and is a part of the Polish long May weekend that can stretch up to 9 days.

It is worth noting that the American Constitution of 1787 and the Polish Constitution of May 1791 were the first two modern times constitutions world-wide.  The French Constitution of September 1791 comes as third.

The popular knowledge of these days commemorating the most essential and at the same time the most primary bills of supreme laws is completely different in the respective countries.  In the US it is very little known and stays basically a state holiday, whereas in Poland, due to a number of factors including the Polish tragic and heroic history after the enactment and timing with the current up to 9 days long May Holidays weekend in Poland, which also contains May 1st or the May Day and May 2nd – the Flag Day.
Happy Constitution Day!
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