Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Back to Work After Long Weekends

Long weekends are a lot of fun.  Returning to work after a few days off is a completely different story.  How to deal with the back to work syndrome?  Is there anything to mitigate the pain of forced labor?  Actually, I don’t think so.  You just gotta get thru the back to work transition as if you were going through the flu recovery.  Another long weekend is coming again, sooner or later.  Sometimes it feels like much, much later.
The good side of coming back to work after time off is that you will see the people you like and whose company you enjoy without feeling guilty that mingling takes time away from money making activities.  Socializing at work is part of the job, whatever it is.  Associating is especially good for you if you work in sales or marketing or customer service.

You can share your barbecue, grill, boating and fishing stories, you will hear what happened to your coworkers.  Well, with all this work place storytelling going on it feels like another day off, after all.

Enjoy your day!

See ya …

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