Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day or Labor Day in Poland and US

 May 1st as Labor Day is traditionally observed not only in Poland, but in the most of the World with some exceptions.  One of those is the US.  In the States, Labor Day is celebrated in/ at the beginning of September - on the first Monday of the month, to be exact.

Why such a difference?

The May Day festivities tradition reaches back way beyond its current, modern meaning.  It was originally celebrated as far back as in pre Christian times as a pagan jubilation of spring.  With time, after the industrial revolution in Europe, it became the “working class freedom day".  After the rise of the Soviet Union and its expansion mainly throughout Europe and Asia the International Workers Day became a mandatory number one holiday in all of the communist bloc countries including Poland.

In the States, the May Day understood as Labor Day in the US started in 1882 and is nowadays known mostly as the unofficial end of the summer long weekend party time.  In the US there is also a May Day in May.  The American May Day is the US Memorial Day and falls on the last Monday of the month.  The Memorial Day long weekend practically ends the school year and, unofficially although on a massive scale, opens up the summer with fireworks shows, first in the year trips to the beach, grill parties and getting ready for the upcoming vacation season.

Happy May Day!

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