Monday, May 21, 2012

How Does the Sell in May and Go Away Principle Work in American English Learning?

There is a saying in the US financial markets world.  It goes like this.  Sell in May and go away! 

Now, with the end of the school/ academic year approaching one could use the same principle in foreign language learning.  Unless it is the subject of your elementary, middle or high school or under-graduate, graduate or post-graduate studies, of course.  Then you may want to drop everything else and concentrate on your language studies.

Exams, and the way I see it also finals are not qualitatively different from any, even the smallest test during the year.  You know it’s coming.  You got some material to learn over a specific time span and you either wait to the last moment and flunk it or barely make it, or you start hard, really hard from the very beginning and then relax down the road, when you are already exhausted and need more rest than at the commencement of the grading period. 

When you study American English as your extracurricular activity, you have been working on it for the whole semester or year.  You have already learned enough!  Now, get out of here.  Concentrate on your finals so you can go places … where-ever … wherever you will speak American English … naturally. 

Either it be Cannes in France, Norway, China or Japan, Great Britain, Sweden or other Scandinavian countries, Spain or Latin America, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and at last but not least - the United States of America, obviously.  Or the Netherlands or Holland - how do you spell that?  You guys know, what I’m sayin’ here.  “Thanks for laughing.  We’ll be here all year”. 

Oh, by the way.  Thanks you for using our services!  You did a great job during the year!  Go away!  Enjoy your vacation, your life and have fun speaking your American English.  Spread the word in the World.  Come back in September or October or November.  Just like the US financial markets big shots do!

See ya ...

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