Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting Ready for Summer Jobs in Schools and Colleges in US and Poland

How are students getting ready for summer vacation and jobs in the USA?
First of all students are looking for ways to make money when they are off from school.  It would be best to get a job in the field, that is, a job related to their current or planned education and eventually profession or trade.

The whole educational system of the United States is set up to accommodate and combine work and study.  These two aspects of life: employment and education - are considered complementary, not competitive.  Starting in high school you look for a job as close to your prospective college degree as possible.  You take courses, which you can use at work.  One hand washes the other.  You work better, get promoted faster and make more money because you are improving your job skills through related education.  On the other hand, you get better grades and learn easier and faster because you already have hands on experience in the field from your work.

This is not only about the educational system.  It is also and maybe primarily about work and in more general terms about life approach, which starts with upbringing and values, attitudes and lifestyles.  The result is a lifespan search for a better job, extremely high mobility of the American society as a whole and the highest in the World work effectiveness and efficiency.  Stuff doesn’t just happen.  Things are worked for all life.  Money is made the hard way or the smart way.  In case of American youth it’s usually both.

How does it look in Poland?

Good luck looking for and getting your summer job!

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