Friday, April 27, 2012

Long Weekends in the USA and Poland and the 5W Rule

Party time, dude!

Who doesn’t like to have fun, man?  Who does not like long weekends?  Whether you live in the United States of America or in Poland or in any other country in the whole wide World, for this matter, it doesn’t matter – “I just wanna have fun”.  Who ain’t?

What a better chance, an opportunity and an excuse to enjoy yourself, than those long waited for looooooong weekends.

Where do you want to go, pal?  Does it matter as long as you don’t have to go to work?

When are we leaving?  ... And the correct answer is:  It’s all up to you, buddy!  That’s what really counts.  You are your own boss.  You do whatever you want, whenever it’s convenient for you, however it pleases you. 

Why?  Just because!  It’s your time, your money, your decisions. 

How?  That’s … a completely different question.  The answer is still up to you, though.  Your time, your choices, my friend.  That’s the beauty of freedom.  Freedom from, and freedom to.  Freedom from your bosses and freedom to make your own choices, bear the consequences and pay the expenses.  It’s all up to you, my dear, whether you like it or not. 

Dreamin’ about a long weekend?  Do you want to ask these five questions to make your trip “complete” or you just woulda get outta here?

Happy long weekends people all over the World!

Don't forget to get ... - your choice, your free time off of whatever.  Be my guest, fill in the rest. 


Have fun! (YouTube warning/ caution VIDEO).

See ya … after the long weekend.

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