Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Final Exams or the Finals and the Basic Financial Statements

The school/ academic year is almost over.  Only a few months are left till the end of the semester.  If you are like the proverbial most of us, you are not happy with your grades or you start getting “butterflies” in your stomach as soon as you start thinking about the next round of exams.

Now, so far into the school year, is there anything you can do to improve your grades in English?

Well, it depends.  Let me ask you this: do you have the time to do it?  If you don’t have the time, do you want to make the time to do it?  If you don’t, than forget it, you won’t.

Learning is a process not a point in time.  Just like the P&L or the Profit and Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet.

The P&L shows what you have been or were or had been doing for a period of time.  How does your semester learning English Profit and Loss comparison look?  Have you devoted the time to do it?  Are profiting now and will have a net gain on your final exam?

The Balance Sheet shows where you stand at a certain point in time or, in our case, as of now.  What is your English knowledge like at this time, a few months before the semester closing date?  Are you happy with it?  What are your English language assets or what you have learned this semester?  What are your liabilities or what you should know, but don’t?  What do you still need to learn to not only take, but to also pass the big test with flying colors? 

No matter what, time is ticking.  Don’t waste it!  Start watching movies, American or British movies, that is, to build up your vocabulary and improve your passive knowledge of the English language.  Then call AmericanEnglish.PL or your British or American friends and talk to them to improve your speech or the active command of your English.

Taking your final in English will be easier than you thought.  You have done your hard and smart work already – you have been learning your British or American English over time, throughout the semester and the whole year or years.

Happy learning!

Good luck on the finals!

See ya …

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