Friday, November 2, 2012

Can Obama Have More American Votes and Still Lose to Romney in US Presidential Elections 2012?

How come Bush won the controversial Presidential elections in the US when more people voted for Gore?

In the US people vote for their Presidential candidate within each state.  This is called the popular vote.  The candidate who gets more votes or, in other words, wins – carries all state’s electoral votes.  Only these (electoral) votes count towards the win or loss at the federal or country’s level.

That’s why the swing states are so important.  The whole country of the United States of America is basically divided into the Blue and Red States.  The Blue states are traditionally Democratic, the Red ones are habitually Republican - no matter what, regardless of who the candidate is.  The country’s electoral vote is separated more or less in half following this partition.  There are some states, which lean towards one or the other.  Which-ever way they swing will decide the outcome.

The early voting states play a crucial role in the decision making process of the undecided electorate, or the swingers.  These are the make or break American President US citizens, who are in doubt till the very end and whose decisions are effected by others’ voting.  You might say that they go with the flow.  That’s the reason why the role of the initial casting is so vital.

Getting back to the question asked at the beginning.  Since some states’ population grows extremely fast it may be under-represented in the number of their electoral votes.  It is possible then that the candidate can win by popular vote and lose altogether, just as it happened between President Bush and Gore.

The Bush – Gore elections had a very little turn-out.  Especially within the Democrats.  The common feeling was that they overslept victory.  Democrats learnt their lesson.  In the next elections the Democratic turnout was unprecedentedly huge.  Their candidate and current President – Mr. Barak Obama took an overwhelming victory over his Republican counterpart.

Who is going to win this time?  The incumbent Obama or the challenger Romney?  Will he, which-ever one it is, either it be the Democrat or the Republican, win by both electoral and popular votes?

We will find it out very, very soon.  The election day in the US is on the first Tuesday of November, in the first full week of November, which this time falls on the 6th of November, or November 6, 2012.

See ya at the voting booths ...

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