Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Is Hurricane Sandy Good or Bad for US Presidential Candidates 2012?

It depends who you are talking to.  The way I see it, the deciding issue this time is unemployment, as trivial as it may sound. 

Let’s consider this cliché …- to quote a saying that has become a cliché itself.

What does the, supposedly and unfortunately truly, worst hurricane in a century has to do with the job market?  Let me start with this.  Do you remember what happened after Katrina?  The famous or rather infamous FEMA action or rather mis-action?  President Bush’s immediate response or rather the lack of?  The flooded New Orleans and ever persisting conspiracy theory that the levees were broken or left weakened on purpose to save the influential, affluent areas at the expense of the poverty quarters, just as they had been in the 30-ies? 

This time it seems to be different, as much as it can, considering the circumstances.  The City of New York mayor, mayor Bloomberg seems, as he always does, to be in charge of The Big Apple, contrary to his counterpart in The Big Easy years ago. 

How about the unemployment, then?  Well … .  With all the amassed damages caused by this megastorm, which name sounds so sweet: Sandy, there will be a lot of work to do, including cleanups, rebuilding and renovation.  Somebody has to do it.  … Just in time for the elections. 

I hope you, your family members, relatives and friends have not been effected by the storm or if they were, they survived.
May the best Presidential candidate win!  I know who I would be voting for.  Who would you?

See ya ...

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