Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coca Cola Christmas 2011 in USA

It’s all about Christmas for commerce, for both the traditional brick and mortar outlets and virtual Internet stores.

Majority of retailers and wholesalers or whole sellers alike make most of their profits at this time of the year called the Holiday Shopping Season.  Its official start falls on Black Friday, which is the Friday following Thanksgiving.

Now, there is also a digital or electronic commerce or e-commerce equivalent - the Cyber Monday, which is the Monday right after the Thanksgiving weekend. Not really surprisingly, considering the nature and character of the American entrepreneurial spirit and business environment and law, Internet stores started capitalizing on Thanksgiving itself with the very recent addition of Cyber Thanksgiving. 

Christmas commercials are very lavish and impatiently participated by viewers and listeners, too.  They are the cream of the cream of advertising and the world of trade promotions. 
One company took it to the extreme.  I’m talking Coca Cola here. 

The company values and has valued the importance of Christmas season advertising so much, and made it so effective and overwhelmingly powerful, that it invented and embedded in our minds the red and white colors Santa Clause the way we know him today and most of us think that he has always “dressed” this way.

The red and white Coca Cola Santa Clause and the red and white, reminding fire engines, 18-wheelers decorated with Christmas lights like huge portable or moving Christmas trees roaming down the American highways and country roads are the true symbols of modern American White Christmas. … Red and White, that is. 

Always Coca Cola!  Enjoy!  Life tastes good, Coke … after Coke … after Coke … 

Merry Christmas! (Coca Cola Christmas 2011 commercial video)

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