Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Tell a Good KIS Story in American English after Your Summer Vacation?

How do you tell a good KIS story in American English after your summer vacation?

Just the way you feel about it.  Keep It Simple.  That’s the KIS rule in speech or writing – either way.  Telling a story in American English isn’t any different than doing it in any other language.  Just follow your instincts, your, so to speak, gut’s feeling.  Go with the flow.

Depending on who you are telling the story to you may want to adjust the vocabulary and phrases you use or even the grammar.  This is secondary, though.  The most important thing is to know what you want to say.  With story-telling, like with just about anything, you are better off preparing yourself in advance to what’s to come.

Learning to tell KIS summer stories, just like studying a foreign language including American English, may just be a “one night stand” or a life-time adventure.  It’s your decision to make.  What-ever you decide, how-ever much time you want or can spend mastering your new language skills is up to you.  In general, as a rule, summer vacation story-telling to your friends, relatives and family is informal.  Keep it this way.  Keep It Simply Simple.  Keep It Interesting.

See ya …

P.S. Of course, you can post your summer vacation stories here in the comments section.  Just KIS …, if you will, so to speak ….

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